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February Favourites 2016

By 12:48 pm

I’ve really put my blog on the back burner for the past year and one of my new year’s goals was to re-start this blog again. So might as well start off my first post of the year with a monthly favourites.

Favourite Albums:

ANTI album - Rihanna
ANTI - Rihanna
Rihanna finally released her very anticipated album ANTI, I honestly didn’t think it was going to come out because Frank Ocean broke my heart. But this album was really good it felt more like Rihanna then her other albums. And this is one of the first albums of her I liked all the songs.
Favourite Songs: Kiss It Better, Needed Me, Same Ol’ Mistakes, Work
Honourable Mentions: Woo, Higher, Yeah I Said It, Consideration
Majid Jordan new album OVO
Majid Jordan - Majid JordanI found out about Majid Jordan from OVO Radio with their song "My Love" feat. Drake. They released their self-titled debut album in the beginning of the month and I’ve been loving it ever since. I’m really into electronic R&B so this was up my alley.
Favourite Songs: King City, Learn From Each Other, Day and Night, Every Step Every Way
Honourable Mentions: Something About You, Make It Work, My Love
The Life of Pablo - Kanye WestI’ve been a Kanye fan for most of my life and I like every album he likes but this was the first album he made I didn’t like from the first listen. Most of his albums have a theme TLOP didn’t seem to have a theme and each song had a different mood. But after I saw this explanation on twitter(x) to play it in a different order compared to the original track list I started to like it.
Favourite Songs: Ultralight Beams, Waves, Wolves( Sia and Vic Mensa Version), Famous
Honourable Mentions: Real Friends, 30 Hours, Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1/2
Beyonce - Formation:
It’s been 2 and a half years since Beyonce released music of her own and this song was unapologetically black. It was everything I needed for Black History Month. AND she is having a world tour.
Soundcloud Faves:

Favourite Apps

Uber App
Uber:Uber has been my saviour when I'm taking my trips to Downtown Toronto. When it was All-Star Weekend the weather was -19 C and lower, so walking in that temperature was a no-no. I had an Uber driver who just graduated from college and coincidentally in my same program and he gave me advice on courses and teachers to avoid which was really nice.
Available for iPhone and Android
Plant Nanny App
Plant Nanny:Another resolution I made was to drink more water, this app makes water tracking more fun. Whenever you drink a glass of water it feeds your cute plant. Your goal is to drink the required amount of water and help your cute plants to grow.
Available for iPhone and Android
Jesse Williams
Ebroji:Ebroji is a third party keyboard that has gifs for every reaction you need for your convos. And it’s also co-founded by Dr. Jackson Avery aka Jesse Williams from Greys. My favourite section is “BOOP-You Tried It"
Available for iPhone

Favourite Moments:

Dave Chappelle Comedy Show:I’ve loved Dave Chappelle since Chappelle’s Show. Even though I was too young at the time to watched it. Last year I bought the complete series and his comedy was still so funny even though it was made 10 years ago. So obviously it was a good idea to pop my comedy show cherry with the Legend Dave Chappelle. It was a great experience, I was in the third row and I cried from laughing too hard. If Dave Chappelle ever comes to your city you should go see him.
I have no pictures because they made us lock our phones.
Jaime Woon:Me and my best friend went to see Jaime Woon when he came to Toronto. It was so amazing, him and his band were so great. He made eye contact with me a couple times. I really recommend to listen to his latest album Making Time.
That’s all the favourites I have for this month, tell me what your favourites are maybe I can add them to mine next month.

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