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5 Things You Can Do In The Summer?

By 1:06 pm

My winter term in college finished at the end of April so it has been one month into my summer. But since I have to do a summer term that ends August 21st and I have a job on weekends. I basically have no life for the summer, just rise and grind fro the next three months. But that doesn’t mean you have to not have a no life like me, so I’ll help you get out of your summer slump and give you ideas of on what you can do this summer.

1. Staycation: Be a tourist in your own city Sometimes you don’t have money to go explore a new place, so why don’t you do it in your own city. There is some places that you overlook where ever you live because it’s a tourist spot. I live on the outside of Toronto and I’ve met people who have never been to the CN Tower, and that basically “makes” the Toronto skyline because it’s just a tourist thing to do. Seeing your city in a tourist’s eyes might give you a different perspective on fun things to do. And it gives you a reason to pull out the selfie stick. Have no shame, in your selfie game (quote me)

2. Free Stuff to do in your city There are alot of free stuff you can do in your city that you probably don’t know about. Google is free sis, search “free stuff to do in the summer “insert city here” “ and there are tons of blogs just dedicated to it. And especially if your a student you can at least get a good discount. Art Galleries, museums, parks, most are free.

3. Hiking/Exploring "The sun is out and you’re feeling okay” right now is the perfect weather to go hiking/exploring in your national parks. Be one with nature for the season, and the best part it’s free and you get a leg workout. Also, can get some dope ass nature pictures for Instagram. Myself am not a nature person, I’m the biggest homebody and hate bugs. But I always at least once a summer try to go on a hike to see the view, and as should you.

4. Patio Season (For legal drinking age) If you are of age to drink and enjoy drinking. Patio Season is upon us, it’s a great way to enjoy the weather and at the same time catch up with friends and have a drink at the same time. If you aren’t of age, just eating food is fine too.

5. Go to Concerts/Festivals This weather is also good to go see your favourite artist, because most of them start their tours or participate in festivals. Festivals are a pretty pricey but if there are alot of artist you enjoy, its really worth the money to see all of them in a span of 2-3 days. It’s really overwhelming but so worth it, I recommend going to a music festival at least once in your life if you haven’t already.
Those are my five things you can do this summer, I hope it helps you get out of your summer rut to get you outside and have some fun! Do it for me while I’m inside in class.

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