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Childish Gambino - Because the Internet vinyl

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The only purchase I got on Record Store Day 2014 was Childish Gambino - Because The Internet and I feel like it deserves an "unboxing" post because it is so beautiful.

 I bought the CD before but after going to his concert I needed to get the vinyl of this album since I couldn't find the bootleg it was mandatory for me to get it the official vinyl.
2 LPs on the sides and the screenplay in the middle
So it comes with to 2 LPs and a screenplay that matches with the album which is a prologue to his short film "Clapping for the Wrong Reasons", you can also read the screenplay with gifs here. The colourful geometric pattern on the LP cover is very similar to the CD, which I love.

The screenplay is 72-pages of gloriousness and on the text block you can see that it also says Because the Internet printed on it. There was alot of effort put into making this vinyl and I was so happy I could get my hands on it. This has moved up to my favourite vinyl of my growing collection and it's the only thing I will play right now.

I hope you enjoyed my blog post, if you wanna see more just comment.

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